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Specialty lubricants

Neopolyolester and Complexester Greases - specialty lubricants:

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SynTop ENP 2

SynTop ENP 2 is a synthetic grease with high resistance to ethanol. It is based on a temperature stable fluid and PTFE as thickener.
It has been developed for lubricating ball bearings, operating in the range of low to high speeds, which are exposed to ethanol and hot ethanol fumes.

SynTop LG 2

SynTop LG 2 is a synthetic high temperature and multipurpose grease. It based on Neopolyolester, Lithium soap, a corrosion protection additive, a thermal stabilizer and an additive for enhanced load carrying properties.

SynTop LNP 3

SynTop LNP 3 is a synthetic lubricating and sealing grease, thickened by a Lithium soap. It is highly resistant to mineral oil and synthetic hydrocarbons. Thixotropic - unworked penetration NLGI Class 5, worked penetration NLGI Class 2-3.

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