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Specialty lubricants

Neopolyolester and Complexester Oils - specialty lubricants:

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SynTop 320

SynTop 320 is a synthetic high temperature chain oil, based on Polyolester. It has been formulated to provide good penetration properties at room temperature and to provide very good load carrying properties at high temperatures.

It shows low volatility and excellent thermal stability. Upon long storage or when subject to UV-light, the product may darken to a reddish colour, which has no effect on its performance.

SynTop 700

Special Ester. Chemically inert to gasoline, mineral oil and synthetic hydrocarbons. Suitable for lubrication at temperatures of up to +280°C.

SynTop 1003 FG

SynTop 1003 FG is an Ester based low temperature chain oil. H1 registered, for use in the food industry. It is suitable for use at temperatures from -75°C to +40°C.

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