Teccem Spezialschmierstoffe, speciality lubricants, Hersteller, manufacturer
Wiesentalgraben 110
D-97638 Mellrichstadt
Tel: +49 (0) 9776 705 119-0
Fax: +49 (0) 9776 705 119-9
E-Mail: info@teccem.de


TECCEM GmbH - The Company
fluorinated PFPE greases chemically inert Fluoronox
TECCEM is developer and manufacturer of special lubricants in the areas chemical resistant lubricants, chemically inert greases based on Perfluoropolyether (PFPE), high temperature greases and chain oils based on Polyolester, high vacuum greases, assembly greases, white greases, greases for hot-forming acrylic glass.
How to find us:

TECCEM GmbH is located in the middle of Germany. Now you find us in Lower Franconia in the "Rhön-Grabfeld Region". Also great tourist area and a peaceful place to live and to work. Numerous smaller companies are located here and agriculture and forestry is another important factor.

If you want to visit us in our new place you will find us in the so called "Hainberg-Areal". Use the Google Map for help.

The closest international airports are in Nürnberg and Frankfurt.

Teccem, Mellrichstadt, Spezialschmierstoffe, speciality lubricants, Hersteller, manufacturer, Entwicklung, development

Watch the slide show - TECCEM, specialty lubricants moved from Thuringia to Mellrichstadt a beautiful small town in Bavaria

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