TECCEM speciality lubricants
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Specialty lubricants

We offer high quality greases, oils and lubricating pastes for industrial use. They are mainly synthetically based and made to outperform conventional lubricants throughout industry.
A variety of our products has been approved for specific applications by the industry, e. g. the printing industry.
This page gives you a brief overview of our products. It can easily be printed. In addition we have created a searchable data base which you can access by clicking at "SEARCH". The data base may be helpful when you search for suitable products for a certain application. Just use simple search terms, such as printing industry, water resistant, etc.

The following listing has been divided into:
• Specialty lubricants
• PFPE Greases - specialty lubricants
• PFPE Fluids - specialty lubricants
• Neopolyolester and Complexester Greases - specialty lubricants
• Neopolyolester and Complexester Oils - specialty lubricants
• Lubricating Pastes and Anti-Seize Compounds - general application
• Greases for the food and pharmaceutical industry
• Specialty Multi-Purpose and Gear Oils for the food and pharmaceutical industry

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