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We have created this database to help you searching for the application of our products or other essential information.
Many of our lubricants can be used for various purposes and it does not make sense to allocate them only to one category. For that reason we recoommend that you use suitable key words to search for products which meet your application.
Examples of such key words: high temperature, low temperature.

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SynTop ENP 2, Ethanol Resistant High Temperature Grease

SynTop ENP 2 is a synthetic grease with high resistance to ethanol. It is based on a temperature stable fluid and PTFE as thickener.
Base Oil: Synthetic oil
Suggested temperature range: -25C to +260C
Drop Point: None
Typical applications: It has been developed for lubricating ball bearings, operating in the range of low to high speeds, which are exposed to ethanol and hot ethanol fumes.
Data Sheet: http://www.teccem.de/SynTop_ENP_2_de.html
MSDS: http://www.teccem.eu/MSDS_EU_SynTop_ENP_2_UK.pdf

SynTop LG 2, High Temperature and Multipurpose Grease

SynTop LG 2 is a synthetic grease based on Neopolyolester and a temperature stable Lithium soap. It is contains an anti-corrosion additive, a thermal stabilizer, anti-wear and extreme pressure additives.
It has been formulated for use as multipurpose grease, in particular for lubricating ball and roller bearings.
Base Fluid: Synthetic Ester
Suggested temperature range: -28C to +160C
Drop Point: 200C
Typical applications: It has been developed for lubricating ball and roller bearings.
Data Sheet: http://www.teccem.de/SynTop_LG_2_e.html
MSDS: http://www.teccem.eu/MSDS_EU_SynTop_LG_2_UK.pdf

SynTop LNP 3, Lubricating and Sealing Grease

SynTop LNP 3 is a synthetic lubricating and sealing grease, thickened with a lithium soap. It is highly resistant to mineral oil and synthetic hydrocarbons.
The grease is of high consistency and has been adjusted thixotropic. By this it offers excellent sealing properties in static applications, and good lubricating properties in dynamic applications.
Base Fluid: Ester
Suggested temperature range: 0C to +140C
Drop Point: 180C
Typical applications: Includes its use as valve grease in the crude oil and natural gas industry.
Data Sheet: http://www.teccem.de/SynTop_LNP_3_e.html
MSDS: http://www.teccem.eu/MSDS_EU_SynTop_LNP_3_UK.pdf