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We have created this database to help you searching for the application of our products or other essential information.
Many of our lubricants can be used for various purposes and it does not make sense to allocate them only to one category. For that reason we recoommend that you use suitable key words to search for products which meet your application.
Examples of such key words: high temperature, low temperature.

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SynTop 320, High Temperature Chain Oil

SynTop 320 is a synthetic high temperature chain oil, based on Polyolester. It shows very low evaporation rate at high temperatures. In evaporation tests it leaves only little residues. Good corrosion protection. TECCEM® SynTop 320 provides excellent lubricating properties and low wear at high loads.
Base fluid: Synthetic Ester
Pour Point: -34C
ISO VG Grade: 320
Typical applications: Tender frame chains at high temperatures, for chains in reflow ovens, ball bearings, guide rails, sliding surfaces.
Data Sheet: http://www.teccem.de/Syntop_320_e.htm

SynTop 700, Ester Lubricating Oil for High Temperatures

SynTop 700 is a heavy synthetic high temperature oil. It provides a durable, long-lasting lubricating film of high affinity to metal surfaces.
It does not mix with gasoline, mineral oil, synthetic hydrocarbons and can be used as a lubricant, protective film or barrier.
Base fluid: Synthetic Ester
Flash Point: > 295C
Typical applications: valves in the oil and gas industry, loading and offloading equipment in the oil industry. as lubricating barrier fluid in the printing industry
Data Sheet: http://www.teccem.de/SynTop_700_e.htm

SynTop 1003 FG is a synthetic low temperature chain oil, registered in the H1 category for use in the food processing industry.

SynTop 1003 FG is a synthetic low temperature chain oil, registered in the H1 category for use in the food processing industry.
Base fluid: Synthetic Ester
Flash Point: +140C
Typical applications: It has been formulated for lubricating conveyor chains and rollers operating in the temperature range of -20C to -75C. The low viscosity of the oil enables penetration of the lubricant to where it is needed, even at extremely low temperatures. Excellent wetting properties and low inner friction of the lubricating film reduce friction and energy consumption.
Typical applications: include lubrication of freezer chains, spiral freezer chains and chains in cold storage warehouses.Data Sheet: http://www.teccem.de/SynTop_1003_FG_e.htm